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How We Create Good Things from Organic Waste

How We Create Good Things from Organic Waste

Collecting Organic Waste

Collecting and recycling expired food, kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings, and other yard waste separately is a great way of reducing our carbon footprint and preventing organic waste from ending up in a landfill. You simply collect organic waste separately (source separated organics) in your green waste bin for delivery to the Kompogas®SLO renewable energy and recycling facility. There it’s used to generate renewable energy and all-natural fertilizer.

Renewable Energy

When the organic material is recycled it creates carbon-neutral biogas. This can be used to power a generator to produce renewable electricity, which is fed into the SLO County power grid − helping decarbonize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traditional, fossil fuel-based power production.

Environmental Protection

It all adds up to a clean, sustainable way of turning waste into a valuable resource, reducing our carbon footprint, and diverting waste from landfills. The process also helps meet the goals of the 75 percent waste diversion initiative launched by California in 2011, which sets out the state’s declared target of achieving a 75% reduction in total waste by 2020.


Another beneficial by-product of the SLO Kompogas®plant is all-natural compost and liquid soil amendment. When the organic waste is fermented under anaerobic conditions (in other words in the absence of oxygen), the material is converted into high-quality and eco-sensitive solid compost and liquid fertilizers. These are used by local farmers and wineries to grow healthy crops.

Benefits of the Kompogas® SLO Organic Waste Recycling System

Local organic waste is recycled locally

Organic waste isn’t landfilled, extending the life-span of area landfills and contributing to California’s goal of a 75 percent reduction in organics from landfill by 2020

High solids anaerobic digestion of organic waste significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Local organic waste is converted into renewable electricity for the area

The by-products from the process are converted into compost and liquid fertilizer, and are used as high-grade soil conditioners by local growers

The Kompogas® SLO facility contributes toward the SLO IWMA Regional Strategy to meet California’s Solid Waste Diversion Mandates